TMB Executive Search is a boutique financial services search firm providing search & selection services to traditional asset managers, hedge funds, private equity funds , investment banks, brokers and other financial services firms through its global and Japan/Asia focused units.

Investment Management Practice

Our Investment Management Practice advises traditional asset managers, hedge funds (L/S Equity, Event-Driven, Activist) and Private Equity funds across diverse investment styles and strategies (including Fund of Funds) on appointments globally through our Japan/Asia and global units.

Placements include: Chief Investment Officer (CIO), Investment Director, Head of Investment Research, Head of Alternative Investment Consulting, Head of Fund Marketing, Portfolio Manager, Senior Investment Analyst, Senior Portfolio Analyst, Associate Investment Analyst.

In addition to recruiting current investment professionals, TMB has a successful track record in 'creative' searches; recruitment of professionals from other areas of finance, industry, consulting and accounting for investment roles.

Research Practice

Our Research Practice has a successful track record in the placement of associate to highly rated Institutional Investor, Greenwich and Nikkei ranked sell-side Japan equity analysts across various sectors (incl. Banks, Non-bank Financials, Retail/Consumer, Autos, Pharma, Electronics, Telecoms, Machinery, Real Estate), research sales professionals and fixed income and credit analysts covering both corporates and financials.

Investment Banking Practice

Our Investment Banking Practice focuses on recruiting ECM and Corporate Finance/M&A professionals from Associate to Director level for global U.S. and European investment banks through our Japan/Asia and global units.

Advisory Practice

Our Advisory Practice provides advisory services and thought leadership on a wide range of issues including candidate resources, search & selection strategies/design, compensation and reward planning.

Client Portfolio:

  • Traditional Asset Managers
  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Multi-Managers / Fund of Funds
  • Investment Consulting Firms
  • Brokers
  • Investment Banks
  • Rating Agencies